About Jenny April

I’m based out of Phoenix.  I enjoy laughing, traveling and wrangling my wild things, Winston, Maggie and Posey (featured below).

Our furry friends are part of our family and lives, why not capture them as such!  Whether you have a dog, cat, horse, pig…I like them all.

Maggie (my border collie) and I have started a new adventure in herding, yes it’s a thing and it’s amazing.  Unlike me, she already knows what she is doing.  When they say they are bred to work, they seriously are.  I encourage anyone who has a dog bred for job to tap into that behavior!  Your dog will thank you for it.  So I am sorry not sorry for all the pictures.

For inquires please email me at japrilphotography{at}gmail{dot}com or call me at 406 529 8421.

OurDogs (3 of 3)

Posey (Rescue pup, Jack Russel-Chihuahua mix)

OurDogs (1 of 3)

Winston (My first born, he’s the happiest of Labs)


Maggie (Rescue, Border Collie)

I'm on the left.

I’m on the left.

All photographes are taken by me unless otherwise noted.  Please do not use without proper credit or permission.  Mucho Gracias!


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